Santa the Worship Stealer

The attributes of God, that God is to be praised and worshiped for, have been attributed to Santa.  Santa is getting the worship that is reserved for God alone.

  • Love and Relationship – God cares for His children.  God is able to fulfill all our needs according to His riches and mercy through Christ Jesus our Lord.  Yet Santa is given credit for being able to fulfill our deepest wishes.  Children are encouraged to take their wish list to Santa for fulfillment.  Santa cares about the hopes and dreams in their heart,  and he would be delighted to bring them joy.  Children are taught that the greatest honor of Christmas is being able to sit in Santa’s lap and tell him what they want.
  • Omniscient, Merciful Judge – God knows all our sin and still loves us.  God knew all our days, before we were born.  He wrote good thoughts about us in a book, before we were born (Psalm 139).  While we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5).  Jesus said to care about whether our names are in His Book of Life.  Yet children are taught to be good for Santa and care about Santa’s naughty and nice list.  Santa knows if you have been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake.
  • Unlimited Servants and Resources – God is the creator of all things.  God has ten thousand times ten thousand angels worshipping Him and hoping for a special task they can do to bring God honor and glory.  Yet children are taught to appreciate Santa’s elves for all the hard work elves do all year making presents.   Santa’s workshop has unlimited resources to create the best gifts to the most delightful specifications.
  • Worthy of Praise – God is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  His name is to be praised in every nation for His mighty deeds and His unfailing love.  God has a special crown for those who loved when Jesus appeared to man and walked among them.  God calls it “The Crown of Righteousness”, because honoring Jesus is the right thing to do.  Yet children are taught to hold Santa’s name in high esteem.  They are taught that to say something bad about Santa would be unthinkable.  Children are taught to sing Santa songs of praise and adoration.  Santa is the highest dignitary of any parade.  Santa’s surprise appearance at any event is met with awe and wonder.
  • Worthy of Service and Gifts – God is the owner and Lord of the whole universe.  All the cattle on a thousand hills are His.  In His hand is the breath of all mankind.  To give a gift to God is to merely acknowledge that we are temporary stewards of His majesty.  Yet Santa worshipers are taught to give gifts in Santa’s name.  People wear Santa hats, when they do acts of charity, so people know the gifts are given in Santa’s name.  Parents labor for the resources to buy gifts for their children.  Parents wrap the presents in hope of bringing delight to their children.  Then, parents show their submission to Santa by telling their children the gift came from Santa.  The children respond with joy and gratitude for their gifts, and the parents humble themselves and redirect the children to Santa.

The Santa Claus that is celebrated today has little association with the Saint Nicholas who gave gifts in 300 AD.  The Santa Clause with red suit, reindeer and elves is more closely associated with Woden, the Nordic Wizard Warrior God, who flew through the skies in December bringing gifts to children.  Woden is honored every Wednesday, Woden’s day.  Woden’s son, Thor, is honored on Thursday, and Woden’s wife, Frigga, is adored every Friday.

About Chaplain Dan

Chaplain Dan was born in the United States and grew up in Japan as a missionary. He met his wife at Biola University in California. After some seminary, he switched to business and got an MBA. He works in finance and volunteers as a Gideon.
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