Getting Started

“You’re not crazy!  I believe you!”

These two phrases are the typical way I start a  phone call with someone who is trying to find another Christian with the gift of Discerning Spirits.  They are often excited to share the amazing/ terrifying / abnormal … things they have seen and wonder what they are supposed to do next.  Are they supposed to remain in shock? Or, does God have a purpose for why they were allowed to see into the spiritual realm?

My desire in setting up this website is to encourage, equip and assist Christians with the Biblical gift of Discerning Spirits and help them use it to bring glory to God.  If the gift is from the Holy Spirit, then the end results should be praise to God and the fruit of love, joy, peace, hope, self-control, and freedom from addiction oppression and bondage.  This website is a tool to help you bridge from shock and wonder into fruitful service that brings glory to God.

Discerning Spirits is a gift, given by the Holy Spirit, to bless and help the church.  Some of the purposes of the gift are to expose demonic strategies, expose false teachers, cast out demons and give glory to God for the work of angels among us.

What is on the website:

  • Biblical foundation is an outline of why the Holy Spirit gave the gift to individuals within the church.
  • Kingdom battlefronts is an overview of the main spiritual battlefronts we may be called to fight on. There is a brief overview of each of the battlefronts with insights and keys to victory.  Various articles on a topic can be found by selecting a category on the right.  The articles give more insights, examples and strategies.
  • Resources and Downloads is a collection of tools used in various ministries and in exorcism.  Exorcism gives the oppressed a breath of fresh air and the opportunity to make a decision to follow the Lord.  However, a freed person needs Biblical truth, fellowship and personal relationship with the Lord to walk victoriously long-term.
  • The blog articles are a collection of what God has revealed in scripture, what I learned from others and how it applies to our lives and communities.
  • Mentoring – The mentoring category has articles specifically related to Discerning Spirits, Exorcism and Spiritual Warfare.

Your most important teacher is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives individuals the gift of Discerning Spirits and wants them to use it to bring glory to God.  The more you study God’s Word and ask the Holy Spirit to help you faithfully apply what He is teaching you, the more you will grow in your gift.

This website is only a tool to help you grow. This website is not intended to simplify the gift of Discerning Spirits into a few simple concepts.  The spiritual realm is too amazing and complex for us to fully understand.  God gives us glimpses into it to humble us and remind us that Almighty God is the architect and supreme ruler of the universe.  God desires that we be faithful tools in using what He gives us to serve Him, bless our community and teach people to submit to Christ as King.

I am confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.  (Philippians 1:6)

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