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I’m Not Sad Anymore

Praise Report from Los Angeles County Jail Two weeks ago Gomez (Name changed for security purposes) came up after the worship service.  “I get it,  I understand!  I’ve been thinking about it, and now I know why Jesus died on … Continue reading

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Shopping for God

God created us, we do not create God Many people go to the grocery store, when they are looking for God.  They get a shopping cart and go up and down the aisles looking for what they want in a … Continue reading

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Being gay is not unchangeable

When presented with the facts that there are thousands of former homosexuals and homosexuality is not biologically based, those promoting evil often run from logic and hide behind emotions. The following article is from Randy Thomasson’s website,  Randy has … Continue reading

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Harry Potter … Hero or villan?

What the Bible says about Sorcery / Witchcraft / Mediums God is opposed to sorcery and calls it an abomination.  God kicked people out of their homes and land for being involved in sorcery.  God warns His people not to … Continue reading

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