Casting Out Demons


  1. Pray, sing praise and fast.
  2. Confess personal sin.
  3. Chose a place and time with minimal distractions.
  4. Get a prayer buddy

Steps at the appointed time:

  1. Pray – Dedicate the time and process to the glory of God.
  2. Establish God’s Authority
    1. Claim the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ.
    2. Declare Peace and that the demons are to ‘stand down.’  (They are not allowed to talk unless directed.  They are not to throw darts nor cause harm, distraction or fear.)
    3. Define the perimeter.  Demons can’t leave until commanded to stand before God for Judgement and no new demons can interfere.
  3. Share the Gospel
    1. Jesus Loves you – God desires to save you from the power of sin and darkness.
    2. Jesus Christ died and rose again – I Corinthians 15:3-4
    3. Jesus forgives those who ask – 1 John 1:9
    4. Jesus wants to take your sin and demons and replace them with the Holy Spirit living in you.
  4. Do you want to be free?
    1. Is there sin you want to confess and be forgiven?
    2. Do you have trauma or past contact with witchcraft, spells, horror films, false religions, secret societies?
    3. Do you want Jesus?
    4. If they do not want Jesus Christ, they do not want to be free. Stop.
  5. Have person declare – “I reject Satan and all His ways.  I choose Jesus Christ.”
  6. Declarations:
    1. Jesus is King of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth.
    2. We reject Satan and all His ways.
    3. The Lord rebuke the evil ones. May God be glorified.  May Satan get no glory here.
    4. Scripture as prompted by the Holy Spirit (Read the Sword of the Spirit out loud.)
    5. 2 Timothy 1:7  – God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.
    6. James 4:7-8 – We are submitting to the authority of Jesus, giving up our double minded ways, confessing sin and drawing near to Jesus.
    7. I forgive those who have wronged me, the same way I want to be forgiven.  I give my claims against them to the righteous Judge who said, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” I seek God’s mercy for them and desire that they would be saved.
  7. Get leader’s name
    1. Write names down to know what weaknesses need to be protected against in the future.
    2. Demand the one or two word name that describes the purpose and intent against the person.  (Liar, Lust, Adultery, Pride, Theft, Envy, Discord, Debauchery, Fear, Bitterness, Laziness, Despair, etc.)
    3. Do not allow the demon to go into a discussion or tell mysteries and riddles.  Demons want to plant lies and destroy relationships.  They try to define situations in their terms to bring the most worship to themselves and destruction to others.
  8. Additional names.
    1. Pause in groups of ten to cast those out.  Often the demons in the next group go faster.  This also prevents the demons from pretending that they are more than are present.
  9. Cast them out in the name of Jesus Christ and the power of His blood. 
    1. Starting with the leader, command them to “Go stand before Jesus Christ for judgement.”  God, the Righteous Judge, will decide what happens next in their future.
    2. Command them to never return to the person or state where the person lives.
    3. If they resist then request the mighty warrior angels to carry them away in nets and chains.
    4. The warrior angels my come and assist with the process.  The warrior angels are helpers.  They are not our servants.  Don’t be disrespectful with angels.
  10. Confirm the demons are gone. 
    1. How do you feel?  (Don’t put words in their mouth.  Let them describe if they feel peace.)
    2. Ask God to reveal any hiders.
    3. If a demon is playing and telling riddles, then ask God to reveal the sin, pride or deception the person is holding on to.
    4. Stubbornness is a pouting hider.  So ask God to reveal him or others, if the person does not have peace.
    5. Distraction will try to cause anything possible to divert attention from the process.  Rebuke him in the name of Jesus and cast him out.
    6. Impatience may try to say, “This should be done already so this is not working.”  Recognize and cast him out.
    7. Cast all of them out, so the person has a benchmark of what peace feels like.
  11. Ask God to reveal any books, videos, video games, pictures or similar items that need to be burned, destroyed or trashed outside the house. Go with them to remove it.
  12. Fill the person with blessings –
    1. Bless them with scripture and truth that is the opposite of the purpose and lies of the demons.  (Stay short and on topic as the person may be exhausted.)
    2. Match the demons purpose for purpose, by coming in the opposite spirit.  This helps the person understand what God wants to build in their life.
      1. May God bless you with His comfort to replace fear.
      2. May God bless you with a recognition of His presence to replace loneliness.
      3. May God bless you with a desire for God’s mercy that rejects bitterness.
      4. May God bless you with diligence and a compassion for the fate of unbelievers to reject laziness.
      5. May God bless you with integrity and holiness to replace adultery.
      6. May God bless you with a servant’s helpful heart to reject pride.
      7. May God bless you with hope and fruitful service to replace despair.
      8. May God bless you with a giving heart to reject theft, debt and greed.
      9. May God bless you with kindness to replace belligerence.
      10. May God bless you with His purpose to replace distraction.
      11. May God bless you with self-control to replace gluttony.
      12. May God bless you with a heart of love to replace pride.
      13. May God bless you with joy to replace grumpy and pouting.
      14. May God bless you with peace to replace calamity and chaos.
      15. May God bless you with a hunger for truth from His Word to reject deception and foolishness.
      16. May God bless you with a desire for Jesus’ rewards that refuses to worship demons and lust after false gods.
      17. May God bless you with words that bring life and healing instead of cursing and death.
  13. Thank and praise God for His deliverance, power and love.
  14. Follow up within three days to encourage them.
  15. Follow up as needed to help them walk in victory.
    1. Satan and the lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes and boastful pride of life will try to draw them back into the bondage they were in.
    2. New character and thought patterns take time to build, so they need fellowship and encouragement.

About Chaplain Dan

My desire in setting up this website is to encourage, equip and assist Christians with the Biblical gift of Discerning Spirits and help them use it to bring glory to God. If the gift is from the Holy Spirit, then the end results should be praise to God and the fruit of love, joy, peace, hope, self-control, and freedom from addiction oppression and bondage. This website is a tool to help you bridge from shock and wonder into fruitful service that brings glory to God.
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