Love Matters

People sacrifice their wealth and lives, because love and freedom matters.

2003       War in Iraq, because Iraqi lives matter.

2001       War in Afghanistan, because Afghan lives matter.

2001       War on Terror, because freedom of religion matters.

1994      Rwanda Outreach, because Rwandan lives matter.

1971       War on Drugs, because lives in addiction matter.

1955       Vietnam War, because Vietnamese lives matter.

1950       Korean War, because Korean lives matter.

1939       World War II, because Polish, French and British lives matter.

1935       Welfare in America, because Poor lives matter.

1935       Social Security, because Elderly lives matter.

1914       World War I, because Austrian – Hungarian lives matter.

1881       American Red Cross, because lives in distress matter.

1861       Civil War, because slave lives matter.

1776       Revolutionary War, because Colonial lives matter.

0033       Jesus Christ died, because your eternal life matters.

About Chaplain Dan

My desire in setting up this website is to encourage, equip and assist Christians with the Biblical gift of Discerning Spirits and help them use it to bring glory to God. If the gift is from the Holy Spirit, then the end results should be praise to God and the fruit of love, joy, peace, hope, self-control, and freedom from addiction oppression and bondage. This website is a tool to help you bridge from shock and wonder into fruitful service that brings glory to God.
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